Our Story

Theia's story can be traced back to Chef Georgia's own home kitchen, where she created a plethora of recipes that focused on using healthy alternatives while still delivering flavor . Chef Georgia’s recipes have taken us from her small kitchen in New England to Food Festivals up and down the east coast, where her cookbooks and recipes could be widely shared and tasted by the food-loving public. Spreadable Feta was a product of this journey, created initially as a convenient way to utilize feta in cooking demonstrations. People started to search for this wonderful, Spreadable Feta that they had sampled, and Theia was born.

Theia continues to grow, driven by the initiative of creating healthy, clean, and delicious food meant to be shared and enjoyed. We believe that eating well should be affordable as well as being flavorful. Theia's purpose is to provide a wide range of healthy food choices, so that you can enjoy the benefits of healthy eating – with all the taste, and convenience you're looking for.

The Theia Story is all about people. People that we're blessed to have as family and friends, people that love food, and people that are committed to creating food that is fresh, flavorful, and affordable. Stay tuned as Theia will continue to provide new, delicious creations made with love and a passion for clean eating.