Our Story

The Spreadable Feta Story truly began in Chef Georgia’s own home kitchen. With the publication of her own cookbooks, Chef Georgia’s recipes have taken us from her small kitchen in New England to Food Festivals up and down the east coast, where her cookbooks and recipes could be widely shared and tasted by the food-loving public. Spreadable Feta was a product of this journey.

Miami’s South Beach Food Network Food and Wine Festival provided the backdrop for our spreadable feta cheese, which was initially created out of convenience. Chef Georgia needed a product that was simple to prepare and transport, as well as easy to distribute to fans at food demonstrations.

As more people tried Chef Georgia’s new practical feta, we were repeatedly asked, “Where can we find this product??” We heard this question over and over again, from scores of the 25,000+ consumers who had the chance to try Chef Georgia’s spreadable feta in South Beach. After a key food show in Atlantic City, where we ran out of our samples and sold homemade tubs of the feta on the fly – we finally knew we needed to do something more.

After several years of gathering feedback from consumers and industry specialists, we made the decision to launch this next generation of feta to the retail markets for all to enjoy. Theia brings to you the next generation of healthy culinary creations, all inspired by Chef Georgia and our Greek heritage. Theia’s Spreadable Feta is just the beginning!

Stay tuned for more of our next generation of creations to come!